Starting YouTube channel

Starting YouTube channel
Before we get started you have to subscribe our channel and save this with your friends
Making money online on YouTube bring lot of money   how making money online you see our video fist
Your website
YouTube career  it takes time to success  your YouTube channel  make your own brand  is so important
How to make money on YouTube
When completed video then you have uploaded section you have add tags and thumbnail make like a question  when tags or thumbnail look like question it is gives more like on that page
You make fist introduction video of your self and make sure your video make like you  a solution to solving problems of other people
You give Time to success

To get more views on your video you selected most famous  top on your filled when you selected your video then  you have shared  on social media platforms
To get more views you shared  video on social media daily on your post you have shared video social media platforms daily two' time per day
Paid promotion it will give boosting your website

On FB andYouTube

It will boost your video and get more you have been increased your website
You have come Live once weekly or monthly

It will increase view on your YouTube channel

You live chat with your family like viewer is your see comments on comments section try reply as soon as possible
Make good video on your YouTube channel make people come fell good when see your YouTube channel
Make sure you don't have copied any other Youtubers video it lost of your YouTube channel make sure
Many you have give important to tags and thumbnail
You shared your YouTube channel on social media platforms daily two'time

How add tags on YouTube fist you selected topi

Search the keyword of your title

Example your title is

How get money from YouTube

You keyword like

how to make money on youtube,how to earn money from youtube,make money on youtube,youtube,money,how much money earn per 1000 views in youtube,how many views on youtube to get paid,how to make money on youtube 2018,how to make money with youtube,how to make money on youtube for beginners,1000 views money in youtube,how to make money online
How add thumbnail on your video

Selected your video best moments take shot

Add graphic addd questions

In this way you will get more likes and subscribe on your YouTube channel

Thanks see your website thanks subscribe us


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