Making from savings or investment

Making from savings  or investment
 Making from savings or investment is other types investment like mutual funds share Market fix deposit
 In this way you can make a site income 1000 per month also so much give u you can reinvest

 How it is possible No 1 you invest in a fixed amount in mutual fund investments from your incomes suppose your income is 30000 per month you site income atleast 5000 per month
You go investment in share Market or mutual fund every month you have invested atleast after 5 years you will get minimum 10 lacs 5 years

Other wise you have to invest share Market fix deposit in this field more money  other fix deposit limited amount give to you every month to your account it safe  but you invest in share Market then it is risk management to buy share Market in online keep long term to increase more than your investment share Market more money but it is risk management but your luck in place you can make more money from this type investment it  better than fix deposit but fixed amount is safe bank account share Market is risk management many you lose  your money lose but it makes
In this type investment you site income from your income every month some it necessary you keep site income from your income
In this you can free your tax  how that fix more income  in that money money you can pay taxes and save your money that money gives more money


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