100$ per day from blogging

how we make money from blog or website
how we make money from blog or website

fist you have known that why u have started a blog
A blog isa type of website  we can write a content share this social media platforms this website mainly focus on writing  in Blog  post in popular culture
we here mostly news  and online shopping website affiliate marketing
many people are sharing about the experience the website or selling products of affiliate marketing
are personal blog post are technical blog
review product
news websites more and more
first you have to try your own interest

how start a blog or website?

they areso many platforms to start a blog or website

1 WordPress

WordPress is the best way stating a website  in WordPress.com
this platform most popular choice for stating website

in WordPress is responsible for 78.5 million are using blogs and they own website in WordPress site

in Wordpress has themes and plugins this two features are allow you customise in very easy way and give you social media sharing button and seo tracking  analytics more  features

2 blogger

my favourite it very easy to use user friendly interface you can customise your own way  blogger.com is owned by Google  this best way who want start very simple way  those who are looking for very fast and response very simple to users

since Google start fist blog  and it is king of user friendly interface you have set  up your blog with in few minutes  a post published within few hours

3 ghost

Ghost is another open source blogging platform that has a focus on welcoming advanced users into a platform where they have complete control over the look and feel of their website

it most  likely  WordPress site and
Support for multiple users also adds the ability to work in tandem and collaborate with your team or a fellow author on your blog. The content is organized in the same way you would see emails which makes it easy to pick and choose your workflows

4 wix

Wix promises to give you an incredible looking website without requiring any knowledge of coding whatsoever This is another website builder but you really can't argue with the results people get

Professional results, without the need for advanced web design knowledge is a massive benefit of using Wix Businesses will also find a lot to love here The company offers plenty of tools and designs to assist growing businesses

The designs on offer all exhibit a strong understanding of todays styles and best practices It’s a very well maintained blogging platform The company is continuously growing and the user base is a loyal bunch

Overall Wix ranks in the top among other website builders. If you need great results with simple and easy to use tools this is a great pick

 this way  stating a website in my way I will you that best wishes you start the blog.  I AM using blogger that very simple friendly user interface than others website provides  follow us on social media platforms if like you may donat us
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you can making money online than you follow us on YouTube we are posting  gameplay and making money online technology fact secret money


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