Earn money online

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Earn money online aksinghtips

Facebook businessyou can with social media marketing like FB and Twitter Instagram

in social media marketing sales products
just you have created a page marketing  you sale it very simple
 you start with affiliate marketing in internet  like Amazon click bank eBay

Earn money online YouTube

YouTube marketing you can create channel and you review  products like phone, gadgets, books .

Earn money online

YouTube you can start gaming channel like  you show your review game and entertainment of people

in YouTube review books  also explain why not your language  if the want keep the book affiliate link so the buy you some combination in the sale

this type of online business you set up one Time than you share people if needed the buy  you get combination from the sale

some affiliate program you can join you can start with Amazon click bank website
in this type of online website gives you a small combination form the sale  in every sale the give you your combination

 how affiliate marketing works
you sin up affiliate program like Amazon
eBay filpkat  in sin up   give your details
after completing sin up you inter in affiliate program you search products that you have sale  select products you have take link and  share Social media platforms like Facebook Twitter Instagram

in this you can make money from affiliate marketing

if you want  sale in your rates  than you have buy products in best price  and low cost than you set-up your online store sale in your own price

some of example see sites the have created the own online business
see photos  see the website I will the links below

where we buy products from

see here you buy from company  Alibaba Indiamart ,paytm business

 this will give you very lowest price  that you can sale it
 this type website gives you very lowest prices
Last post you have see social media marketing
Earn money online aksinghtips


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