passive income ideas

passive income 

making money when your sleeping or shopping

we are not creating an extra income source
minimum you 3 or 4 income source when you are not working  you will make money from your home that is passive income
passive income

what is passive income?

 I have got  this idea from books  
you must read these books you must buy these books dad poor dad
 2. think and grow rich

according to me, passive income is you will make money when your traveling family when spending time with your family or friends you will make money 

to keep simple passive income is money your earnings without any need for continued work it required minimum investment some work all things are set up you no need to work for money because of your investment work for you

active income  you have known about active income and passive income

this both give money but smaller different that in active income you need work for money like 9 to 5 job  or more you are giving your time this job you will get money when your active than only you will get money if you don't work then no money

do you see in your own society rich people don't work the create a passive income in that  the make money spending time like 2to 3 hrs per day the will get money if they don't work the get money because the will setup think

consider the different forms of passive income on this I will give some ideas about passive income which you like to join it is dependent upon you

passive income investment ideas 

passive income

1.rental property income  

have you ever thought about making  a monthly passive income from your own property this income comes from the rental property  it is fixed passive income comes every month in your account without any work

one of my friend invest in property he take lone buy that property in low cost he gives his property  rental  every month he gives loan Bank he save extra 50$ per month in India rupees it's 3000  per month and after some time he  clear
his loan in 4years  after some time making money that property someone gives offer with Very interesting rate  he buy for 45000$ he sells into 80000$ he will nice profit he not give money Bank pay loan that passive income pay Bank loan and after some he own house he makes money to home  some time he get nice price in that property he sells out to make85000$ in that time period  this story ideas come from rich dad poor dad you buy this book you will more ideas really nice book

2 open a savings account 

do have savings account  what interested bank give you

create a  union have some of highest interested rate that given you save money to get money every year amount add your account

3 start a blog 

before also I am saying now also I am saying  blog one high profile passive income  just you need setup blog make money online by working 3to 4 hrs per day

blogging one' of my favorite forms of passive income and it on best business ideas  make money online  it required small amount  or investment make money as per your work

how blog make money  if you're selling some things like affiliate marketing or some products you get money  are people visit in your blog you will get money from them by helping Google Adsense

I can sure that makes more articles in your blog  at least more than 200  you can make money from this

when you get a nice amount of people Reding your blog it brings you a nice income

how to make money from blogging

3.create  an app

have you ever had an idea to create app
create app makes money add those websites in your app make money Adsense  to promote your affiliate link product

create an online store with dropping and shipping

dropping and shipping is a method where you can sell the products to third parties from dropping and shipping company without ever seeing or ship the item. when you make a sale in your products is shipping directly to the  customer from the drop and shipping

4.create a course 

turn what you know into an opportunity to teach others through a course and get paid every time a student purchases your course or watch if you promote on Skillshare, udemy, byju's this website make money from teaching

udemy free course 

5.write an  ebook 

it is same like create a course like a study or business book you can consider  writing ebook Michelle from Michelle is money hungry shares how you can 500$ or more just you write an ebook
passive income


do you write a book but not deal with any  publishers going the traditional route from I understand as it can take some time are years or never make it out

my work from home money makes 2000$ per month for books her I already written and promoted himself he goes in great detail on how he self-published his book on Amazon

7.sell your photos

do you know what stock photo is professional photographer anyone can license for creative use

image is so important and that why it is good marketing to get into high demand


starting a YouTube channel 

in this, you can start a YouTube channel what your interest  some creative  to technology information teaching
motivation channels gaming affiliate marketing tourism news more

YouTube rules have recently changed the way you can make money with ads in order to join Google Adsense ads for YouTube your channel has to have 4000 watched time hours within 12 months and a minimum of 1000 subscriber

you can also monetize your YouTube channel with affiliate marketing  like Amazon  other promotional like products the find   your channel success and gives money for promotion fund

if don't like work like  if have money to invest you no time investment you money than mutual fund help making money from Home no work  you can self investor you go to your bank invest your money in a mutual fund  the will invest your money safe  give nice profit
see how investment make you rich


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