how to monetize blogger

how to monetize blogger

How to monetize blogger

make money with affiliate marketing if start a blog if promotion products phone electronic items get money with them
it too easy you write articles about the product give the affiliated links if anyone clicks you can make money from affiliate
it is best ways to monetize your website

the true way make money online affiliate marketing the can apply almost any type of blog and will hopefully inspire you to monetize your with affiliate marketing

         affiliate marketing basics

1. write a post

write a post like top 10 best phone buy this year top 10 and 5 sometimes you more traffic essentially it is a list of recommendations surrounding one specific item example like 10 most popular camera for travel bloggers top 10   laptops under 300$

2. product reviews free

another high converting affiliate marketing post is the product review post this is typically a long-form of blog posts over 1000 words that offer a detailed review of one specific item you review or something really simple to help it rank in Google

3. write about a popular product alternative

Someone right about best gaming, laptops you have to take key words like the best gaming laptop some google take website rank this keyword you make more traffic You can implement this strategy on your own blog by writing about a popular product that people can get for less. Focus on keywords like product alternative and products dupe

the are many reasons for you to monetize your website, however,  the most obvious is to make money the least obvious is to start a successful blog business

4. affiliate marketing products

you write the best product reviews as you write about a laptop or camera come to search in Google best-selling laptops
get some Best Selling list you have a post a review all Best Selling product and link with your affiliate links if some come website click buy get money from affiliate marketing this way you can make
 more AdSense 

5. google adsense sign up

 monetize a website with AdSense

This is another way to monetize your website AdSense you will make money by placing ads on websites and monetize on writing about new things guests post and more  People start with Google AdSense and plaster banners, popups and click-through links all over their website.

I recommend not being so obtrusive with ads as it can make for a poor user experience

6. sponsorship advertising example

  Nowadays the company are  searching for good traffic like some of the examples  Facebook YouTube newspaper but nowadays the company searching for YouTubers company the traffic coming in a good way the offering to advertise the products in your website your FB page
or more ways the can offer you
a nice amount of money

sponsored ads

some company-sponsored you to make a review on the product the will you money
if traveling bog the sponsored you a ticket and hotel room a to z of requirements the fulfill you by the company if reviews tech blog like phone and laptops give the product  sponsored you to make a review

7. selling products online

your first step to deciding which products you have to sell online

You can join affiliated with Amazon, eBay

selling products online with Amazon

why we have started with Amazon
Amazon is the most popular online store in the World with  2.8 billion us dollars net income per month online  searches
so you can start with Amazon
selling products online by creating your own online store

so where should you have started first of all pick a product you're going sell online
you have to pick one most important products you want to sell online if selected one thing when you work only one thing you will get success because if worked all products, people, not able to find you in the online store see you have created a blog or website if you have selected one thing SEO top page you must like you are selling video games
that way you can make money online so many people are making money online all your world with this affiliated program

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