Super Affiliate System

What You Will Get In The Super Affiliate System

 Training To Create A
6-Figure Online Business 
Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

It's very simple to get started and a beautiful business model that I'll be showing you. 

100% Proven, Profitable Ads You Just Copy & Post
The ultimate blueprint to creating a 6-figure side income online
without having a product, having to speak
with anyone, or have any prior business experience.

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

My whole life changed when I learned the information I will be sharing with you.
I've been able to travel the world and live the life I've dreamed about.

ultimate guide

Bonus: How To Make Your First $460 As Soon As Today

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

I'll be revealing how to get paid *very* quick and get started today with what I'm teaching.
Disclaimer: Results not typical. Only 1 in 8 students earn $460 on their first day.

If You Can Spare 2-3 Hours Per Week, 
The Super Affiliate System Will Work For 
You. I Guarantee It.


USUALLY $5,000


The Super Affiliate System is a 6-week program with the sole goal of creating an affiliate marketing 
business and getting it profitable in as short of time as possible with step-by-step proven methods 
taught by online marketing experts making at least $100,000 a MONTH in revenue.

Upon purchase you will get immediate access to the entire program which will begin by showing you in a step-by-step format to pick your first product offers without hard costs, set up a presell page, and use super cheap Facebook advertising to get customers.
The program will then focus on how to scale these advertising campaigns as fast as possible and build a full-fledged empire.

affiliate marking

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

This is 100% beginner-friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience. Through the 6 week course, you will get everything you need to build an online marketing business in successful niches, pick the right offers and get buying customers to those offers. You will be shown how to turn this into an internet empire from the masters of the affiliate marketing world.

digital marketing

What You Will Learn Inside The Super Affiliate System 

Week One
Complete Affiliate Marketing System Setup Course
Start earning commissions in the first week of the course by following the simple video tutorials,

shown step-by-step on John's computer.

How To Join An Affiliate Network: You will get access to the Clickbank affiliate network,
and be walked through, step-by-step, how to set up and use your account.
Clickbank will be the company that writes you checks,
and pays you all the commissions that you'll be earning.
 Setting Up Your Website: You will be shown, step-by-step,
how to set up you're preselling page to promote products on ad networks such as Google and Facebook.

 Facebook Ad Setup: You will be shown, step-by-step, how to set up Facebook ads,
in the best most profitable manner possible, so that you can start earning commissions Fast.

Common Setup Mistakes: You will be shown the common mistakes or obstacles
that affiliate marketers make in the setup process, and how to avoid them.

​​Wrapup & Bonus Gift: A summary of the content covered, and a free gift for completion of the training!

Week Two
How To Earn Affiliate Commissions by Placing Ads on Google Course
Learn how to earn commissions by placing ads through Google's 
Search and display network of websites, that allows you to 

sell products to literally billions of people across the globe.

google adwords ad

Google Search Ads Setup: You will be shown the fastest, most effective 
way to advertise on Google if you are an affiliate marketer, 
so that you can start earning commissions by tapping into 

high-intent BUYERS of products that are searching Google every day.

ad words google

Google Display Ads Setup: Learn how you can SCALE your affiliate marketing campaigns to thousands, and 10s of thousands of profit per day with Google Display Ads. One of the most underground, 
and least understood ways to get buyers and traffic coming to your affiliate links.
 Google Ads Conversion Pixel Setup: Learn how to set up proper tracking so that you can figure out what ad messages are losing you money, 
and which are making you money so that you can earn more while spending less.
​Common Google Ads Mistakes: You will be shown the common mistakes or obstacles that affiliate marketers make with Google Ads, and how to avoid them.
​Wrapup & Bonus Gift: A summary of the content covered, and ANOTHER free gift for completion of the training!
Week Three
Make Serious Money using Youtube Ads Course
Youtube is the fastest growing, least understood, yet a most profitable place to advertise on the internet. Learn my untold methods for placing ads on Youtube to create 10x ROIs.
 How To Place Your First Ad On Youtube: Learn my simple 4-step system for effective
Youtube advertising. You will not want to miss my explanation of the hidden checkbox
I show at 8:08 which will literally triple your ROI once you uncheck it.
 How To Setup Your Channel Page for Maximum ROI: This is a simple, straightforward
but necessary process to ensure your ads get shown to Youtube users.
 The Best Way to Find Your Video to Advertise: You will not be able to scale to
$1000+ in commissions per day unless you see the targeting method that I show at 10:56 in this video.
​How and Why We Exclude Mobile Devices: Mobile viewership of Youtube videos accounts
for 80% of total usage, but unless you know how to exclude it, you will end up wasting 8
0% of your money! Learn why this is so important to exclude mobile, and specifically what affiliate offers WILL NOT work on mobile video advertising, and which WILL.
​8 Youtube Advertising Mistakes to AVOID: There are 8 simple-to-make mistakes you can do when setting up your video ads, but they are very easy to avoid, and I will show you how to avoid them.

googles search

​Wrapup & Bonus Gift: A summary of the content covered, and another MASSIVE free gift for completion of the training! This is the best bonus, and it is worth the entire course investment itself.
Sumeet Harish
Former investment banker
Week Four
Turn Social Media Into an Affiliate Profit Powerhouse Course
Start using social media advertising on sites such as Facebook into an additional
stream of income using our step-by-step guides on how to put up ads to make money f
com users. Stop wasting time on social media and instead turn it into an income stream.
 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tactics: Learn my ultra-coveted 1-5-10 Targeting workaround
method to facebook advertising that has allowed me to make millions of dollars and consistently
profit in any niche I enter.
 How to Keep Your Ads Compliant: Facebook is known to disapprove and ban affiliate advertisements.
See my foolproof method to never getting an account banned again, and take advantage of the PDF
a resource I offer in this video that costs thousands of dollars to create, but literally guarantees
that you will never lose an account again.
 Easy Facebook Tracking Pixel Setup: There is no easier way to set up a Facebook tracking pixel than what you will see here; ensure that you never waste a dime on ads that aren't converting into profits for your business.
​Wrapup & Bonus Gift: A summary of the content covered, and a very special bonus gift, that was once handed down to me, from one of my mentors. Save this on your phone or audio device, and listen to it in its entirety if you want to become successful.
Week Five
Creating a 24/7/365 Commission MACHINE Course
You are shown a foolproof quick and easy way to set up a website, that is as simple as clicking
a few buttons. These websites are specially built to be profit machines, so all you have to do is
send visitors to them with your ads, and you will receive back money in return.
 How To Setup an Affiliate Website: Watch me on my computer show you step-by-step, click-by-click exactly
how to set up a profit-producing website even if you have zero technical skills, and have never setup
a website in your life before.
 How to Split-Test Your Way To Higher Profits: Learn how you can make minor changes to your affiliate website to give you a massive advantage over other affiliates, and see greater profits.

​3 Website Setup Mistakes to AVOID: I will show you the three most common website setup mistakes that are easy to make if you don't know, but easy to avoid if you do. No need to ever get frustrated in setting up your internet business.
​Wrapup & Bonus Gift: A summary of the content covered, and a special gift that will help you become a marketing Jedi.
Week Six
Scaling Your Internet Business to Millions of Dollars Per Year Course
Learn the advanced tactics of affiliate marketing that can use to solidify and protect the
profits you make from affiliate marketing so that you never have to worry about competition coming after you.
 What Payout Bumps Are & How To Get Them: Did you know you can easily increase the payouts you earn, without sending any more traffic or sales? I explain how to negotiate higher commissions for yourself in this training, so you can create a competitive advantage for yourself.
 How To Scale Your Profitable Ads: Getting profitable is the biggest rush you get in affiliate marketing.
But increasing those early profits to a monster, $1000/day profits would be 2nd best. I explain the best way to scale your ad campaigns, without hurting your ROI.
​Affiliate Offer Selection Masterclass: Learn how to find the best, highest-converting affiliate offers to promote in any niche, fast and free,
​Automate Everything: Once you start making money, its easy to hire others to manage everything for you. My multi-million dollar per year affiliate empire runs on autopilot, and I will show you how you can too.
​Wrapup & Bonus Gift: A summary of the content covered and as a reward for completing this course,

email mailings

you will be given a gift that will change your life, forever. 
Meet Your Multi-Millionaire Marketing Coaches

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

John Crestani has built multiple million+ revenue businesses and is widely recognized as one of the forefront affiliate marketers in the world. John specializes in 
running a lean business, with zero employees, while still earning at least a million
dollars every single year, traveling the world, and raising a family.

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

Tim Burd is the co-founder and Chief Facebook Ads Specialist at Agency Y.
He has been doing paid traffic online for over 10 years now and specializes in financial niches. He has generated millions per month online through his advertising campaigns and has taught thousands of people to generate their first income online.

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

Brian Pfeiffer is one of the top affiliate marketers in the world and is responsible for earning millions of dollars through his company Surreal Media. Clickbank has recognized him as a Platinum 
Affiliate because of the massive amount of revenues he has been able to earn,
in a very short time. Originally from Chicago, now living in Las Vegas.

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips
Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtipsSuper Affiliate System,aksinghtips
Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

Live Campaign Analysis Sessions Every Week
Access to live webinars every month taught by John Crestani
The opportunity to have John review your marketing materials and copywriting, so you have the best chance at success
Access to the ENTIRE JetsetLIVE archive of Live webinars (this is invaluable...)
The most CURRENT and up-to-date powerful advice in promotin

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtipsSuper Affiliate System,aksinghtips

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtipsSuper Affiliate System,aksinghtipsSuper Affiliate System,aksinghtips

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips
Super Affiliate System,aksinghtipsSuper Affiliate System,aksinghtips


Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips
Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips
Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips


Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips


 Super Affiliate System

Risk-Free Enrollment Form
Yes, John! Give me access to the Super Affiliate System Today!
Here is what its all about:
Super Affiliate System is a step-by-step training system that does not require any selling, 
expensive software, and can be done without any prior experience.

We Stand Behind Our Product Unconditionally
If you do this program, you WILL learn how to create your very own internet business.

If you go through my step-by-step program, complete the exercises, and 
DO NOT create your own internet marketing business, then my staff will give you 
an immediate refund AND let you keep the course materials as my way of apologizing 

for wasting your time.

I can't wait to see my earnings build up before my very eyes.

I want to start training with you today because I know that a clear path to quitting my job and creating my own business on the internet is the most important step towards Living Life On My Own Terms.

On that basis, I'm taking a positive step towards creating FREEDOM in my financial future with my investment today to gain access to the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani. Thank you for making your knowledge of internet marketing available to the world as such a reduced price for me today!


SAS Has Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews
Past versions of the Super Affiliate System have changed many lives.
Here are some of the reviews from real reviewers.

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

★★★★★ By using John’s “Buyer List” and optimization tips I was able to get a profitable campaign on Facebook on the first day!

Super Affiliate System,aksinghtips

 Super Affiliate System

Everything is split up into easy to follow videos usually around 15-25 minutes. 
The course is divided into 6 weeks, each week you will be focusing on a different topic. 
Of course, you can go faster, but it is NOT advised to skip over any content... Of course 
I haven’t tested all of the swipes, images, offers, networks… But the ones that 
John provided me with brought in results. 

Jeff Lenney
Super Affiliate System was 100% ReShot from the Ground up for this 2019 Release... 
Super Affiliate System provides an easy-to-follow course helping people become 
successful paid traffic affiliate marketers in 6 weeks... you’ll start off with 
a VERY small ad spend ($5.00 a day or so), and scale up ONLY once that’s profitable! 
The Ready2Launch campaigns are templates for you that include EVERYTHING you need to set up an ad campaign


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